Directorate of Equality

The Directorate is a national bureau and is in charge of administering the Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men no. 10/2008, Act on equal treatment irrespective of race and ethnic origin no. 85/2018 and Act on equal treatment in the labor market irrespective of race, ethnic origin, religion, life stance, disability, reduced working capacity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual characteristics or gender expression no. 86/2018.


The aim of the Act is to establish and maintain equal status and equal opportunities for women and men, and thus promote gender equality in all spheres of society.

The tasks handled by the Directorate of Equality:

  • a. monitoring the application of this Act,
  • b. supervising educational and informative activities,
  • c. advising government authorities, institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations and individuals on gender equality issues,
  • d. making suggestions and proposals to the Minister, the Gender Equality Council and other government authorities on measures to achieve gender equality,
  • e. making proposals on affirmative actions,
  • f. increasing the level of activity in gender equality issues, i.e. by greater involvement of men in gender equality work,
  • g. monitoring gender equality developments in society, i.e. by gathering information and initiating research,
  • h. providing assistance to gender equality committees, gender equality counsellors and gender equality representatives of local authorities, institutions and companies.