Gender Equality in Iceland - An overview

The Centre for Gender Equality has published an overview of gender equality in Iceland. The publication provides information on context as well as legal and practical aspects of gender equality in Iceland. The document also attempts to offer insight into successes, best practices and lessons learned. Chapters are designed to give a comprehensive overview and sections include links to further information on topics as well as contact information for the relevant organizations and institutions. The document will only be published online and will be updated annually. (see here)

More Nordic woman ambassadors

The gender balance at the top of the diplomatic corps in the Nordic countries has improved significantly. More and more women now serve as ambassadors, breaking into a profession that was once a bastion of male domination, it has emerged from a major Nordic research project into gender and power in politics and business. The final report has just been published.

Conference report on parental leave published

What family forms are recognised in established Nordic and welfare policies? Which family values and parental models should be given political priority in a multi-ethnical society? These were some of the questions raised at the conference 'Parental Leave, Care Policies & Gender Equalities in the Nordic Countries' in Reykjavik on 22 October 2009. Now the conference report is being published.

Your rights – Important information for foreign women in Iceland

The Centre for Gender Equality has published a pamphlet for foreign women in Iceland and others who are interested in learning about gender equality in Iceland, rights and obligations.

Analysing women and men in decision-making positions

In this report, three articles from the project “Gender and Power in the Nordic Countries” are made available in English. The articles present comparative figures, analyse measures taken and discuss different explanations for the existing distribution of women and men in decision-making positions within politics and business.