Plan of Action on Gender Equality Regarding Wages

The Plan of Action on Gender Equality Regarding Wages is for four years, i.e. until the end of 2016. The aim is that by that time, the gender-based wage differentials that exist on the Icelandic labour market shall have been reduced considerably. For this to be realistic it is important that all players on the domestic labour market shoulder their responsibilities and ensure that men and women working for the same employer receive equal wages and enjoy the same terms for carrying out the same, or comparable, jobs. Plan of Action on Gender Equality Regarding Wages

Male Violence against Women in Intimate Relationships in Iceland

In 2006, the Icelandic government adopted an action plan for measures to combat violence against women in intimate relationships, based on the concept that violence against women affects everyone in society and will not be tolerated. The objective of the plan was to prevent violence against women, to enhance options for women that are subjected to violence and their children, and help men to cease violent behavior. In 2010 a report of the Minister of Welfare on measures under the government initiative regarding male violence against women in intimate relationships was published. The report is a result of a research project on violence in intimate relationships that was carried out in 2008 to 2010. Proposals for government measures and excerpt of the report follow.  The report of the Minister of Welfare

The Icelandic Board Member 2012

KPMG Iceland in cooperation with the School of Social Sciences at the University of Iceland has published the results of the survey The Icelandic Board Member 2012, which was conducted among board members of companies and pension funds in Iceland in 2012. The results of the survey can provide a certain insight into to the changing environment of the general Icelandic board member, as well as recent changes of his/her background.