The Bossy Man

Last April The Centre for Gender Equality launched an awareness raising video featuring the former major of Reykjavik City, a well known writer, actor and comedian who has always stood up for human rights and gender equality; Mr. Jón Gnarr The Centre for gender Equality is very proud of this project and the video has been very well taken in Iceland and is being downloaded in countries all over the world. The video is promoting a website where people interested in becoming business leaders or members on company boards can gain valuable knowledge and information about personal and group seminars as well as  on –line seminars on these subjects. The webpage  (Diversive Leadership) is owned by The Centre for Gender Equality in Iceland and is promoted with support from the European Union Progress Fund. The purpose of the webpage is to emphasize the importance of the equal participation of women and men in leadership positions in businesses and to offer tutorials on empowerment, board tasks and leadership qualities. On the website you will find educational material and interviews with board members, Icelandic and international experts and individuals from the business sector in Iceland. These interviews are a part of the web-educational material and include good advice for those interested in gender diversity on company boards and leadership positions.