Emergency card for women who are subject to violence

An emergency card for women who are subject to violence in close relationships and need to seek help, has been published in five languages. The card is the size of a name card and lists emergency numbers in Icelandic, English, Polish, Russian and Thai.

Under the heading “We can help,” the phone numbers for the emergency services, women’s shelter, counseling and information centre for survivors of sexual violence, rape trauma service centre, and the Red Cross help line are listed on the card.

The emergency card is published by a consultative committee, whose role is to implement the government’s plan of action to deal with domestic and sexual violence. The committee consists of members from the Centre for Gender Equality, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs, and the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland.

The cards will be distributed to various locations in Iceland, including health care centers, social services, swimming pools, libraries and regional offices for the affairs of the disabled.

The new emergency card

Plan of Action to Deal with Domestic and Sexual violence