The Gender Equality Action Plan submitted to Parliament

The government has agreed that a proposal for a parliamentary resolution on a gender equality action plan for the period 2020-2023 be submitted to Parliament at the beginning of the 150th  legislative session this month.

Article 11 of the Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men no. 10/2008 states that an action plan shall be drawn up "on the basis of proposals from individual ministries, the Equal Opportunities Office and the Equal Rights Council". It also states that the plan should "include projects designed to ensure equal status and equal rights for women and men in Icelandic society, cf. Article 1 Act ". This arrangement is intended to ensure that the government's priorities in the field of gender equality are clearly stated.

In preparation of the plan, proposals were received from all ministries, a total of 24 projects, of which 10 will be conducted in collaboration with the Prime Minister. In accordance with the government's policy, all projects are linked to the United Nations' global goals. This includes gender economic policies and budgeting, gender equality certification and the labor market equality, measures against gender-based violence, equality in school work, science and arts, and men and equality. The project proposals were approved without comment after the presentation of the meeting of the Equal Rights Council on May 28 and then submitted for comment in the government consultation portal