The Global Crisis, Transnational Reconfigurations, and Local Contexts

EDDA´s Symposium: Saturday the 14th of November at the University of Iceland - Askja 132

Nordic conference on Parental Leave, Care Policies & Gender Equalities

The Centre for Gender Equality and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security will be hosting a Nordic conference on Parental leave, Care Policies and Gender Equalities. The conference will be held on October 22 in Reykjavik, at the Radisson SAS Hotel Saga.

Record number of women in Parliament

A record number of women will take up seats in the Icelandic parliament following the elections on April 25. Women now hold 27 of the 63 seats in parliament, or 43%. After the last election in 2007, women only accounted for 31% of parliament.

Fewer women may run in coming elections

Fewer women may run in the Icelandic parliamentary elections scheduled for April, due to the worsening economic situation, said Ms. Ásta R. Johannesdottir, minister of Social Affairs and Social Security in a meeting held by several women’s organizations on the traditional Icelandic women’s day last Sunday.

First female prime minister

This month, Ms. Johanna Sigurdardottir became the first female prime minister of Iceland. Also, for the first time in Iceland's history the cabinet is balanced evenly by gender, with five female and five male ministers.

Gender equality law available in English

The Act on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men, no. 10/2008, which was passed by the Icelandic Parliament last year, has now been translated into English.

Female representation in Parliament reaches 36,5%

Women now occupy 36,5% of the seats in the Icelandic Parliament, up from 31,7% in May 2007. Twenty women were elected to Parliament in May 2007, but female MPs are now 23 out of 63 MPs.

Emergency card for women who are subject to violence

An emergency card for women who are subject to violence in close relationships and need to seek help, has been published in five languages. The card is the size of a name card and lists emergency numbers in Icelandic, English, Polish, Russian and Thai.

New Gender Equality Council and Complaints Committee Appointed

The minister of Social Affairs has appointed a new Gender Equality Council and a new complaints committee, in accordance with the Act on the equal status and equal rights of women and men no. 10/2008, which came into effect in March this year.

Women and Men in Iceland 2008

Last month the Centre for Gender Equality in collaboration with Statistics Iceland and the Ministry of Social Affairs published Women and Men in Iceland 2008, a pamphlet that serves as an overview of the status of women and men in Iceland. It includes statistics regarding the status of women and men in the labour market, in the education-system and in positions of influence.