FOCUS final reports published

The final report of the FOCUS project and the national reports are now available on-line. 

The project Fostering Caring Masculinities (FOCUS) aims to examine and improve men?s opportunities for balancing work and private/family life in order to encourage the preparedness of men to take over caring tasks.

Each national partner has made a report on conditions for balancing work and private/family life in their country (facts and figures, legislation, best practices etc) and action work and expert study within two companies/organisations (one public, one private). Collect and analyse existing information on change processes in terms of balancing work and family (caring for others and themselves). Such report can contribute to draw attention to the subject and identify potential innovators. The chosen organisations will be portrayed, with special focus on working and manager cultures. The action work aim to promote organisational change, intervene and cooperate with change actors, innovators, expert and leaders in the chosen companies. The collection, analysis and dissemination of the data and best practices in the partner countries are implemented through national reports.

FOCUS - The European Dimension, final report (2006)
FOCUS - The Icelandic National Report (2006)
Other national reports