Prostitution in the Nordic countries studied

This month, work will commence on a new study, headed by the Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research (NIKK), titled "Prostitution in the Nordic Countries." This is a one-year research project which was initiated by the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality.

The main focus of the project is to investigate the extent of prostitution and trafficking in human beings in the Nordic countries. The legislation of the different countries will be studied, as well as the methods used to combat prostitution and trafficking. Also, the effectiveness of the legislation and methods will be examined. Finally, the attitudes of women and men toward the purchase of sexual services will be surveyed and analyzed.

Researchers from all the Nordic countries will participate in the project. The Icelandic part of the study will be conducted by the Centre for Women's and Gender Studies (RIKK), which is an independent research institute at the University of Iceland. Dr. Guðbjörg Rafnsdóttir will oversee the research project in Iceland.