The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees holds first Gender Equality forum

On the 21st of January last TCO, The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees, held a forum on gender equality, the first in a line of forums headed by the TCO to emphasize  the importance of gender equality for the labour market. In this first forum, three experts gave presentations on the following themes:

Anne Grönlund on the persistence of gendered divisions of shared responsibilities in relation to work life reconciliation.

Siv Gustafsson on the relationship between parental leave and women’s participation in the labour market.

Tryggvi Hallgrímsson on the experience of the parental leave system in Iceland with special emphasis on fathers participation and take up rate.

In his lecture, Tryggvi Hallgrímsson, explained the aims of the Act on Maternity/Paternity Leave and Parental Leave, No. 95/2000, discussing both its positive and negative effects on gender equality and delineating the different approaches adopted by the Nordic countries. In the panel discussions following the lectures the role of paternal leave was discussed especially as relating to the amount of assign shared leave, predominately used by mothers. The deep-rooted expectation, in society, that mothers take up the bulk of shared rights to benefits was posed as a subject matter requiring further enquiry.