Break the Silence

The directorate of Equality received a grant from the European Union to finance the project Break the Silence as cooperation in domestic violence affairs. The project was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Welfare, the National Commissioner, the police in the north-east of Iceland and the south, the city of Reykjavík, and the town of Akureyri.

The main subject of the project was to mediate experiences of methods that have shown progress in the battle against violence in close relationships, to form connections, to offer education and information, and to provoke enlightenment in the community. The enlightenment bore the name; þú átt VON or you have HOPE. The focus was to show victims of violence that there is hope for a better life and to bring forward the experience of getting out of the situation with the support of professionals and, to display the variety of services that are available to them.

This was therefore not a new service for victims and perpetrators, rather an effort to strengthen the services that were already in place and to further the knowledge and skills of professionals in analysing violence. There was also a focus on making those services visible in the community. The project was nationwide but split into sectors and the approach of the National commissioner in domestic violence was the basis of the cooperation between professionals in each sector. Special emphasis was put on fragile groups, which according to research are foreign women, women with disabilities, and women who are expecting a child.

Even though this project was funded by the European Union as a part of the programme on rights, equality and citizenship 2014-2020, The Directorate of Equality is responsible for the material published here and it does not reflect the stance or opinions of the executive board of the European Union.

There is a special Facebook page in connection to the project for professionals that are interested in news and pointers on interesting material in connection to violence in close relationships.