The Complaints Committee on Equality

If individuals, companies, institutions, and organizations, believe a member of their community has been violated they can look to the Complaints Committee on Equality, whether it be for yourself or someone else. The committee’s job is to take on cases, write up and rule if an article of act no. 150/2020 on Equal Status and Rights irrespective of Gender, the Act on Equal treatment on the Labour Market no. 86/2018 or/and the act on Equal Treatment of Individuals Irrespective of Race or National Origin no. 85/2018 have been violated according to art. 8. Of act no. 151/2020 on the Administration of Matters Concerning Equality. The Directorate of Equality can request the Complaints Committee to take on a case.

Useful links:

Homepage of the Complaints Committee

Verdicts of the Complaints Committee