You have HOPE - Awareness raising videos about domestic violence


Sóley is a 13 years old girl from Reykjavik. She experienced domestic violence by her father when she grew up. She did not know any other kind of home circumstances until she turned 11 years old when she, her mother and her older brother, moved out and started a life without violence. The family sought help from the helpline:112, the police and The Women Shelter, but it only took a few months to feel the change of being free from the violent circumstances. In this video she shares her story and the importance to seek help from experts.




Tómas is a not an actual person, but his story is based on interviews with real perpetrators. In Iceland there is help for people that want to address their issues by changing their violent behaviour.



When women get pregnant, domestic violence can start by intimate partners. That was the case for Birna. She lived with her violent partner for many years. In the video she tells her story and how she got out of the relationship and started a new life with her children. There is always hope for a better life without violence.




Anna moved to Iceland to follow her love for her Icelandic partner. He treated her badly with all kinds of domestic violence. After few years of living in Iceland she found help to move out from her partner and start an independent life free from violence.



Johanna is an Icelandic woman and she is disabled. Disabled women are much more likely to experience domestic and sexual violence in their life time than other women. Johanna shares her story and tells about all the different ways which are possible in order to seek help.